Our centres are at Rossmoyne Senior High School, Willetton Senior High School and Canning Vale Livingston Seventh Day Adventist Church

Our centres are at Rossmoyne Senior High School, Willetton Senior High School and Canning Vale Livingston Seventh Day Adventist Church



Important Information on GATE/ASET Preparation

Sep 15th, 2017


For parents who interested in the GATE/ASET Preparation, please read up on the GATE/ASET brochure we have written up especially for you : GATE/ASET



Nostalgic throwback....chanced upon our old flyers and school advertisement while clearing the old files.


Feb 28th, 2017


It had been more than ten years since we were given the opportunity to serve the community. We started our Yr 11 and 12 classes at St John and Paul Church at the classrooms behind the Parish Office, just a stone throw from Willetton Senior High School.

Since then, the curriculum had changed three times and fancy names for subjects came and went; TER score had been changed to ATAR and the once much touted outcome based system had died quietly. We have since then launched our middle school and primary tutoring classes at the requests of parents.

We are honoured to have helped scores of students succeed and are very proud that many of our past graduates have gone on to carve out great career paths and some are now married. Thank you all for entrusting your (children's) education to us. We will continue to serve our students to the best of our ability. www.scholasticexcellence.com.au

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---- An investment in knowledge pays the best interest - Benjamin Franklin -----


Revise & Relax Over the Holidays

16th June 2016

School holidays are definitely a good time for students (and teachers alike) to get a breather and relax as well as spending some quality time with family and friends. Some high school students, especially those in Year 11 and 12 take this time to do some serious revision, which is really commendable. Many of these students still feel stressed in the holidays as they either lack some form of study structure, do not know where to start or simply find the topics in some subjects too challenging for them. Despite their best intentions, the holidays are simply wasted effort and full of angst.

Scholastic Excellence has been running Holiday Revision Classes for more than ten years. The Holiday Revision Classes cover topics which are taught in Term 1 and Term 2, with an added emphasis on examination answering skills and techniques. Students are also taught how to interpret questions and scenarios so that they can use the right approach when answering questions. The small class size allows students to clarify questions they may have. The Holiday Revision Classes also come with notes that students can also use for future revision before the Semester 2 Exam. The fast pace of teaching in the regular term means that senior school students have little time for revision as they have to catch up on the topics in the school programme, with tests at short intervals. The Holiday Revision Classes ensure that they are able to make use of their holidays to learn in a more relaxed environment without the pressure of school. More importantly, the Holiday Revision Classes prepare the students and give them confidence for the term ahead.

Of course, there are some advanced students who are looking to excel. The Holiday Revision Classes are individualised and we provide advanced students with an Accelerated Program that covers topics ahead of their school. This allows such students to have a much greater competitive edge when they return to school.

We appreciate that younger students also need time to relax and play. However, if your child spends much of his time on electronic devices as entertainment, why don’t you consider our holiday revision classes which are only 5 days and taking up less than 3 hours a day? They still have plenty time for entertainment.


The intensive nature of the individualised programme over five days allows parents and students alike to see improvement over 5 days. We also prepare advanced students for the International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) by UNSW, NAPLAN and for GATE. The individualised nature of the course and small class size allow us to develop a programme most suited for your child, whether he or she is advanced, average or weak in certain subjects.

Without the pressure of school, the holidays are a good time to both revise some work, with some time left to recharge and relax for school. Holiday Revision enrolment forms for Year 4 to 12 are available on the ENROL page or call 0410 121 509.

Is reading alone enough?

5 May 2016

Can reading alone result in excellent writing skills? There are indeed many benefits in reading widely; a repertoire of vocabulary and the observation of writing styles of the authors as well as better cognitive development are just some of the benefits. And children should start reading from a young age. Even toddlers can reap numerous benefits from having books read to them.

However, to argue that reading widely alone will definitely result in excellent writing skills is questionable. Writing skills need to be taught. Different genres have different purposes and audiences, thereby calling for different text structures. At Scholastic Excellence, we focus on a different writing genre each term for four weeks before moving on to reading comprehension for the rest of the term. Spelling and language conventions are part of the program every week with an end of the term test on week 9 based on the lessons taught in the term.

A focus on a different writing genre allows students to hone their writing skills for a particular genre. We teach writing by introducing the structure, brainstorming ideas and having students model after sample papers previously done by students their grade. Students are then asked to practise their writing with similar topics of the same genre. And we always emphasise editing skills. Essays are then marked and returned with the occasional need for students to re-write the essay when necessary. Of course, we also find that students who read widely have an advantage and we do encourage wide reading of a variety of genres.