Our centres are at Rossmoyne Senior High School, Willetton Senior High School and Canning Vale Livingston Seventh Day Adventist Church

Our centres are at Rossmoyne Senior High School, Willetton Senior High School and Canning Vale Livingston Seventh Day Adventist Church

Year 10 - 12

We offer English, Maths Applications, Maths Methods and Maths Specialist as well as Physics and Chemistry classes. They are conducted on a modular basis, which means that each student will be taught according to his/her current topics covered in school. This is important as each school may cover different topics at any one time.

Year 10 - 12
  • Each student is given structured notes, worksheets and weekly homework pertaining to his/her current topics. The notes provided serve as valuable revision tools for your child's tests and exams.
  • Students also get an opportunity to ask questions in every session.
  • Students are given a quiz (mini mock test) a week before their school tests to help them prepare for the school actual test.
  • We start preparing students from Year 10 to cope with the challenging Year 11 and 12 fast paced syllabus with our preparatory program in Math, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Advanced students are placed in our Accelerated Program, which covers advanced topics, more challenging questions over and above the normal program at no extra charge.
  • Student numbers are kept small so that each student is given ample attention.

We would like to share the positive feedback from some of our students and parents:

I’ve got into my first preference at UWA, so I’m very happy. I truly appreciate everything you’ve taught me, I will definitely keep in touch.
Justin Hart, Churchland Senior High, 2016

Thanks for your coaching and guidance. Your notes have helped me a lot throughout my WACE and I would highly recommend others to attend Scholastic Excellence Tuition. At the end of WACE, I achieved an ATAR of 96.6 and received a Certificate of Distinction
Michelle Ng, Corpus Christi, 2016

Thanks for helping me in my subjects. I ended with an ATAR of 99.10 and I am very happy with the results.
Stephen Siswanto, WSHS, 2015

The school awarded me the dux and engineering award. Thank you for helping me.
Jhisnu Nambiar, CVC, 2015

My Chemistry really improved with your teaching.
Christy Ho, RSHS, 2015

Thank you for all your help throughout this year. You're an excellent teacher. I've learnt so much from you. My only regret is not starting tutoring with you sooner. Thanks to your tuition I was able to able to achieve an ATAR of 96.35.
Jordan Yeo, KBC, 2013

Thank you, I have learnt and enjoyed your tutoring. May more students benefit from your tutoring like what I did
Khanh-Tan Phan, Dux of WSHS, 2012

Thanks for all the help in MAT, MAS, Physics and Chemistry as I ended up getting A’s in these subjects.
Rahul Suresh, AXSH, 2012

Thank you very much for the great help you gave me during tuition, it was very helpful and I appreciate it immensely.
Scott Sam, Perth Modern, 2012

The five years Sonu has been in Scholastic Excellence has made all the difference. We are very happy with his ATAR of 99.2. We always recommend Scholastic Excellence to our friends and will continue to do so. Thank you!
- Nilesh Thaker, dad of Sonu Thaker, class of 2011

We are so thrilled with Joshua's results. He's got 96.5 and a Certificate of Excellence. Thanks for being with him all the way!
- Jennifer Banks, mum of Joshua Banks, class of 2011

Thank you for the help in the past 3 years. Couldn't have survived without you. My ATAR is 96.85.
- Hui Shan Seah, class of 2011

For my WACE exams, I got an ATAR of 99.65, which I’m very happy about. I was also named Dux of Canning Vale College. Thank you for your help throughout these years.
- Jessie Li, class of 2010

My ATAR is 98.25. And I got 88% in the Chemistry WACE exam. Thank you! - Cassandra Lee, class of 2010 My ATAR was 98.90. Don’t think I could have done so well without tuition…..so thanks!
- Natania Ong, class of 2010

Thank you for all the help you gave me in Year 12. I have achieved a TER score of 99.00 with a Certificate of Excellence.
– Tarun Zachariah, class of 2009

The casual learning environment combined with your expertise and friendliness creates a tuition class of the best quality. I hope the next generation of students will find you as a great teacher.
Jason Lim, class of 2009

We are happy with the outcome. Please convey our thanks to Mr. Yap. – Wei Ming Seah, class of 2009. I got 95.3. Thank you for all the help. – Zara Yap, class of 2009. Thanks to you, I got 96.1 for TER.
Timothy Ang, class of 2009

I did pretty good. It turns out to be 99.45. Thanks for the effort for teaching me throughout the year. Really appreciate it.
Warren Lee, class of 2009

My son scored 81 in his G&T this term, an improvement of 12 marks since joining your class.
Mr. Ng, 2008

Thanks for your help in Applicable and Chemistry. Really made a difference to my TER.
Cheryl Tan, class of 2008

Thank you very much for your help. You were a big reason for my TER.
- Zac Koo, class of 2008.

Thought you might like to know my results. Thanks for your help.
Beverly Miller, class of 2008