Back to Class: Term 2 Holiday Classes & Term 3 Weekly Classes!

With the sudden disruption caused by COVID, we are keenly aware that students’ learning has been affected. Many schools are behind in their study programs as most schools weren’t able to migrate to online learning immediately and successfully.

Scholastic Excellence acted swiftly by moving our classes online while offering face-to-face small group customised classes on Saturday at Kennedy Baptist College and on Sunday at Livingston Seventh Day Adventist Church in Term 2. Nonetheless, there are many students who weren’t able to join us for varied reasons.

With the restrictions being lifted, we are pleased to announce that our face-to-face small group classes will be back for the holiday intensive classes at Livingston Seventh Day Adventist Church in Canning Vale and Term 3 classes at Rossmoyne, Murdoch and Canning Vale.

If your child is taking the GATE/ASET and NAPLAN next year or are in the crucial Year 10 to 12, there is little time to waste. Check out our GATE/ASET Prep, NAPLAN Prep and ATAR Prep here.