Fraser’s UCAT Intensive Webinar 29/05

  With only two months until the 2020 UCAT, this webinar aims to provide valuable techniques to help you increase your performance. This webinar will cover how you can structure the next two months of study and most importantly, why it’s not too late to get started. Friday 29 May, 7- 9 pm AWST Click […]

Back to Class: Term 2 Holiday Classes & Term 3 Weekly Classes!

With the sudden disruption caused by COVID, we are keenly aware that students’ learning has been affected. Many schools are behind in their study programs as most schools weren’t able to migrate to online learning immediately and successfully. Scholastic Excellence acted swiftly by moving our classes online while offering face-to-face small group customised classes on […]

Offering Fraser’s UCAT Coaching for Year 11 & 12 Students

As part of our continuous effort to help our students to realise their educational aspirations, we are proud to partner with Fraser’s UCAT to assist students with career aspirations to become doctors and dentists to realise their dream. Most medical schools in Australia and New Zealand require students to have achieved a high University Clinical […]

Start Preparing – The Clock is Ticking for GATE 2021

With a slowing economy, getting your child into a selective public school is indeed an investment in your child’s future. Securing a place in a selective school will offer your child great opportunities for their academic success. Your child would be able to study among like-minded peers and be nurtured with a specially designed curriculum […]

Coronavirus Policy

In the interest of all students and staff, we have put in place a Coronavirus Protection Policy. It is largely in line with the policy given by the Education Department of WA. Should there be a closure of all schools or if there is a closure of the school or premise where we hire the […]


How many NAPLAN tests are there? NAPLAN tests are taken by Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students across Australia. The tests include Writing, Reading Comprehension, Language Conventions and Numeracy. How long does the Year 3 NAPLAN go for? Year 3 NAPLAN Writing test is 40 minutes, Reading test 45 minutes, Language Conventions 45 minutes […]

How do I prepare my child for GATE testing?

You can help your child’s chances with thorough preparation for the GATE testing. Some tuition centres believe that the best approach to prepare for GATE is to give the students lots of practice papers. At Scholastic Excellence we like to take a different approach and believe that the first step is for the student to […]

GATE Scores

What score do you need to get into Perth Modern School? The scores have been increasing year on year. In 2017, the cut-off point for Perth Modern School was 233.86 however in 2019 it has increased to 237.78. What scores do you need to get into selective schools? Perth Modern has the highest score cut-off […]

How do I know if my child has a chance at the GATE?

The GATE test is very competitive and is much harder than other school-based tests that your child has taken. The objective of the GATE test is to identify the top 2.5% of the student population. Your child should already be considered ahead of their peers at school to stand a chance. If your child is […]