Some tuition centres reckon that the best way to prepare for the Gifted and Talented Entrance Exam is to give students lots of practice of question papers.

Unlike other tuition businesses that dish out practice papers after papers without teaching students the concepts, we take a different approach. We only start students with practice papers after they have acquired sufficient knowledge and this applies across Writing and Reading Comprehension, Maths (Quantitative Reasoning) and Abstract Reasoning. We do not simply dish out practice papers as the questions are too challenging for the weak students and no learning occurs. There is, however, a mock test before the GATE test for students to familiarise themselves in test conditions.

The Gifted and Talented Entrance Exam is designed to be highly challenging; it tests students not only on their knowledge but also on their speed in answering the questions. PEAC students have found to have more success in the GATE than non-PEAC students. For this reason, despite employing the best pedagogies, some students may not be successful in the GATE. Nonetheless, the strategies we employ ensure that students who are not successful in the GATE acquired knowledge and confidence that will be useful and foundational for high school.

Unlike the GATE, the NAPLAN is a test taken by all Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students in schools in Australia. For this reason, the tests are not as challenging. Nevertheless, the tests often contain questions that test students across various topics. We employ the same systematic strategies to help students prepare for the NAPLAN. We also provide students with a mock test before the actual NAPLAN tests.

The International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) are optional tests that are taken by some students in some schools. Students who are not taking the tests benefit when they are enrolled with us as we also prepare them and give them a mock test, so they do not miss out. The questions are designed to be more challenging than NAPLAN. Similarly, we utilise our proven systematic strategies to help students prepare for the ICAS. Mock tests are also given before the actual tests.

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