Nostalgic throwback

It had been more than ten years since we were given the opportunity to serve the community. We started our Yr 11 and 12 classes at St John and Paul Church at the classrooms behind the Parish Office, just a stone throw from Willetton Senior High School.

Since then, the curriculum had changed three times and fancy names for subjects came and went; TER score had been changed to ATAR and the once much touted outcome based system had died quietly. We have since then launched our middle school and primary tutoring classes at the requests of parents.

We are honoured to have helped scores of students succeed and are very proud that many of our past graduates have gone on to carve out great career paths and some are now married. Thank you all for entrusting your (children’s) education to us. We will continue to serve our students to the best of our ability.


— An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin —–