Citha Kannitha
Citha K.
01:16 16 Jan 20
Mr Yap is an excellent tutor who is very experienced in areas of maths, chemistry and physics. He has helped me incredibly throughout year 11 and year 12 and has done so much to ensure that I do well in all of my subjects. I totally recommend Scholastics Excellence to anyone who is struggling or anyone who just wants to be on top of their game 🙂
Freddy Khant
Freddy K.
02:33 14 Jan 20
Scholastic Excellence provides helpful tuition with organized learning resources. Highly recommend if you strive for excellence.
Po Wei Su
Po Wei S.
14:52 22 Dec 19
Mr Yap is such an amazing tutor for Yr 11 and 12 subjects! He replies fast to any questions and does an amazing job at explaining any questions/problems that aren't understood. Highly recommended.
Bianca DeSouza
Bianca D.
06:57 25 Nov 19
Serena and her team have been helping my son with gaining confidence in Maths for the past 2 years and thanks to them he passed the GATE and has secured a seat in one of WA’s good public schools. Would definitely recommend Scholastic excellence tuitions 👍
Norbelly Gil Moreno
Norbelly Gil M.
03:10 05 Nov 19
Scholastic have giving our son the skills and confidence that are so important for young children coping with school workloads and foreign concepts. Their input and his dedication contributed to above expectation NAPLAN results for our son and has placed him amongst the top students in his class. Thank you Scholastic.
Rita maritta
Rita M.
09:11 24 Oct 19
Scholastic excellence has been amazing in tutoring my son in both Physics and Mathematics. So far he has achieved excellent result in his classroom assessments. We will be enrolling him for year 11 2020. My son said the teachers are well equiped to deliver the courses, caring and friendly. Thank you so much Scholastic excellence for the amazing work you do. -Joan
Zee C
Zee C
13:25 04 Sep 19
A tuition centre with helpful teachers and useful resources! I am thankful for the results I have achieved with the help of Scholastic.
12:46 02 Sep 19
Excellent tutoring for kids!
02:42 01 Sep 19
Hannah Chen
Hannah C.
02:37 13 Jul 19
I attended Scholastics for one term in Year 5. I was assessed and placed in a level that challenged me constantly. All the assistants were friendly and helpful. Scholastics helped me improve, and this can be seen through GATE. I would recommend Scholastics to all students and I hope you improve as much as I did. I am joining Perth Modern School in 2020!
raked phast
raked P.
06:27 25 Jun 19
Sharp Oven
Sharp O.
02:49 24 Jun 19
Serena is always very helpful and the teaching materials help my child achieve good score in GATE.
Douglas Chai
Douglas C.
02:27 24 Jun 19
Excellent tuition centre with caring and friendly staff. Tailored program that produces results.
03:51 23 Jun 19
Scholastic Excellence has been an extremely beneficial tutoring and education provider for my child. The program is tailored to both ends of the spectrum, those students requiring catch up as well as those requiring extension to continue to extend and challenge those gifted and talented children. We have enrolled in holiday intensive programs as well as term programs and the results have been significant in achieving results. The program provides recognition and reward for students thereby providing further motivation for them to ensure their success. I can not recommend Scholastic Excellence highly enough for those parents wanting to ensure success for their children’s education and seeing the results speak for themselves.
Ireen Villarias
Ireen V.
08:25 18 Jun 19
Serena and her team are excellent in answering queries very quickly. Their mock GATE exam assisted our child in gaining a first round offer for a Gifted and Talented Academic Program. Thanks Scholastic.
Jaishnaa Nambiar
Jaishnaa N.
14:06 28 Dec 18
Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and guidance throughout these past 2 years. Mr Yap's very well and detailed notes really, really helped me alot in Chemistry and Methods. Would highly recommend this tuition for everyone! 😊
Evelyn Yong
Evelyn Y.
02:03 20 Dec 18
Mr Yap’s physics tuition made physics jump to my top subject this year from my second worst subject last year. His notes are very detailed and he was able to explain everything very clearly. I highly recommend Scholastic Excellence 👍 Thank you Mr Yap!
Ng Sun Sun
Ng Sun S.
03:34 07 Dec 18
Thanks Serena and the team for your dedication in guiding my kids for the pass 4 years. It has been a great journey and you are definitely one of the reason for their achievements to date. Keep up the good work 😊
Stephanie Rajendra
Stephanie R.
02:17 01 Dec 18
To Serena and her team, thank you very much. Her dedication, support and reassurance has been crucial in ensuring my childrens success and also in keeping my sanity😊. My children owe a lot to scholastic excellence. All three if them were blessed to get into PEAC and GATE schools and did extremely well in all their NAPLAN exams. From all the extra work given by scholastis, my children have also performed very well in the Australian Maths Competition, getting distinctions and high distinctions. Currently my oldest has graduated from Perth Modern and my younger two are in Rossmoyne Senior High School. So thank you Scholastic Excellence. God bless each one of you. ❤
Michelle Ng
Michelle N.
23:25 10 Feb 17
Thanks for your coaching and guidance. Your comprehensive notes have helped me a lot throughout my WACE last year and I would highly recommend others to attend Scholastic Excellence Tuition. I've tried numerous tuition places in Perth, however, by far Scholastic Excellence is the very best. My only regret, is not having started with Scholastic Excellence earlier.